“A flair for dark comedy and the ability to turn on a dime are prized qualities for these unpredictable characters; time and again, their intrepid investigations lead them into uncharted territory where bizarre dramatic action seems to be the only possible move. Solwitz’s fine-toothed examinations of complex emotional states are dead on. . . . ”                          —The New York Times Book Review

“Women who are prickly, sharp-witted, and high-strung, who tend to quip about their emotional pain and to act self-destructively, are the protagonists of the 11 fine short stories in Solwitz’s first collection. . . . Most achieve insights the hard way—after independent, even rash actions that sometimes bring pain.”                                                                        —Publishers Weekly

“Solwitz’s debut collection is trenchant and unnerving. She specializes in dislocation, dysfunction, and distress as she writes about the imperfect emotional fit between men and women, cultural displacement, and madness both personal and societal. . . . Indeed, as Solwitz traces the jagged edges of our collective soul, she reminds us that even home can become a foreign country.”—Starred Review in Booklist